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Over 60 years of experience in buying and building businesses

  • Bought or built more than 60 companies worldwide

  • Add value through decades of experience owning and overseeing domestic and international companies

Endeavor to be a great partner and bring more than just patient capital

  • Work with companies to drive growth through the creation and implementation of a long-term strategic plan without the artificial deadline of an exit date

  • Areas of support include: operations, strategy, human capital, compliance, tax, accounting, corporate development

Value good management teams

  • Management with industry expertise has flexibility to run company operations on a post-transaction basis

  • Incentives aligned with building value for shareholders over the long term

Foster an environment of best practices and continuous improvement throughout the Fairfield portfolio

  • Benefit from the family of businesses in the Fairfield portfolio

  • Extensive network of trusted contacts and advisors in an array of industries


Creative, flexible, and stable partner

  • Close transactions efficiently and professionally

  • Stable capital and shareholder base

Creditworthy partner

  • Strong balance sheet and financing relationships with access to ample liquidity

  • Apply leverage prudently

Deep, long-term relationships with banks and financial institutions worldwide

  • Strong relationships capable of raising funds throughout market cycles in domestic and international capital markets

  • Develop new banking relationships as the portfolio grows

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